Monday, 10 July 2017

Life Jacket

Track 2 from "Chapter One: Lost" is now live. Introducing: Life Jacket

Rather more hard-hitting than my last song. It's also quite a depature from my previous material stylistically, and is certainly one of the most serious subject matters I've approached.

A little bit of context: I wrote this song after watching the BBC documentary "Exodus: Our Journey To Europe". A fantastic documentary, and portrait of the migration crisis. Unfortunately, despite all the kind hearted people in this world, there are still those who will try and profit from the misfortune of others, and one thing that stuck in my mind was the fact that some life jackets being sold were not authentic, and actually absorbed water rather then helping the wearer keep afloat. Keep that in mind when listening to the song, which is also written from the perespective of a life jacket. Of all the songs on the album, it seemed an obvious addition to "Chapter One: Lost". 

Hopefully it will get you thinking. Would love to know your thoughts and opinions, please share so as many people as possible can see it.
Music video for Life Jacket
Listen to Life Jacket on SoundCloud
The video was created entirely using footage from Flickr. Special thanks to all the photographer and filmmakers that allowed their work to be used under Flickr's 'creative commons' license. All artists are credited at the end of the video. 

Keep your eye out for next week's video, and the full arrival of
"Chapter One: Lost"

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