Sunday, 9 December 2012

Album Launch update 09/12/12

Wow it's been a crazy few days. Getting to the album launch on Wednesday night turned into a small mission with all the mad snow and ice causing big problems on the roads, but we got there in the end! Even though a lot of people couldn't make it due to weather, the place was still packed and a massive thanks to everyone who did make it out, as well as all those who intended to.

Also big thanks to Bar Loco, NE Live, my band, and Box Box Box, and anyone who sang along - excellent job!

Anyway, tomorrow is the big day........

If all goes to plan, by the end of tomorrow, December 10th 2012, Take Flight will be available as a digital download on iTunes and Amazon, and you will also be able to order physical CDs through my website,

Each for the bargain price of just £8, for 10 original tracks.

Please send any enquiries through to

Hope you enjoy it, and if you do please tell your friends, or even get them a copy too!
Keep an eye on my site and facebook/twitter tomorrow for more updates.

Meghann xx

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

ANNOUNCEMENT: Album Release and Launch Gig!

The new album, Take Flight, will be officially released on 10th December 2012 

(just in time for Christmas? :P)

To celebrate, there will be a launch party on Wednesday 5th December at Bar Loco, Newcastle upon Tyne. The very first physical copies will be available on the night, and then online as a download or to order via from the 10th onwards.

The new album cover; photo and design by Rough Dog.

I will be playing with the full band, which has not happened for a while so I am very excited! And all the more reason to come if you can :)

Also performing at the gig will be some excellent musicians currently based in the North East...

Absolutely breathtaking solo acoustic guitarist, influenced by guitarists such as Oshio Kotaro and Tommy Emmanuel. If you've seen him before you will want to see him again, and if you haven't yet then you MUST!

Greg is an amazing showman and performances are always highly entertaining - not to be missed...

Greg Genre and Box Box Box are a light hearted Hip Pop band based in Newcastle Upon Tyne. The band blend geordie spoken word poetry with catchy pop choruses to make their own unique concotion of Genres.

You can download their debut E.P for free at

Go on, get out of your BOX BOX BOX!

There will also be a few other special musical guests..... intrigued? Come along if you can! Bar Loco is a fantastic venue and restaurant, and big supporter of live music. Plus, the gig will be FREE ENTRY! 

If you can come along that would be amazing, but any support towards this album would be a massive help - whether you buy a copy, write a review, tell your friends, anything! I really hope you enjoy listening to it, hopefully our live show will do it justice!

Meghann x

Monday, 5 November 2012


"Neck of the Woods" single is officially released!


That's right, you can now purchase "Neck of the Woods" along with B-side "Rainy Home Song" from several major download stores, including iTunes, Amazon, and Amazing Tunes.

Remember, you can also watch the OFFICIAL VIDEO by David Wala, and LIVE VIDEO by Rough Dog.

Thank you everyone so much for your support so far, if you can continue to spread the good word to everyone you know who enjoys new music, that would be fantabulous :)

Also, if you would like to rate or leave a comment/feedback on your purchase, or on the video, I'd appreciate that very much too!

Thanks again to all those involved in the single/videos/artwork - Liam, Luke, Katie, Alex, David, Jess, and Dave! And to Ditto Music for doing a fine job running everything as planned (first time I've used them but I would recommend to anyone else releasing their music).

On another note....


My good friends STATIC SOUL have released a charity single, also available on iTunes and Amazon, called "It's The Little Things". The song was co-written with homeless teenagers and young adults from Sunderland, with all profits going to Centrepoint homeless charity. It's a great cause, and only 99p - BUY IT NOW! Plus it's a banging tune! For a bit more info watch this great short documentary by Rough Dog, which follows the entire process and how it came about. You can also read about it in the Sunderland Echo.

I am also pleased that I will be performing as part of the Centrepoint Sleep Out event in Durham, along with Static Soul. There's several events happening all over the UK this Thursday 8th November, so if you can help them to raise as much money and awareness as possible.

Finally - another release to mention! Check out the new EP by Toxic Melons, "International Accident" - another artist from Newcastle, but in collaboration from other musicians around the globe! Get your copy now!

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Neck of the Woods Official Video

Watch the official video for Neck of the Woods on YouTube NOW!


Hope you enjoy! Please share/comment, it would mean a lot to me :)


Here's a bit more info...

Music video for "Neck of the Woods" by Meghann Clancy, to be released 5 November 2012.
Taken from the upcoming album "Take Flight", to be released December 2012.

Song written by Meghann Clancy
Produced by Liam Gaughan
Video by David Wala Photography

Vocals and Acoustic Guitar - Meghann Clancy
Violin - Luke Waterfield
Cello - Katie Hall
Electric Guitar - Alex Campbell
Bass Guitar - Liam Gaughan
Drums - Carl Griffin


I dreamt about you last night
I came to stay with you
And it was like I never left

You wore a tie
I wore a smile
We went out to places that live only in my memory

But they are fading just like the evening sun
New ones replace them with each coming dawn
And I'm desperate to hold on so

If you're in my neck of the woods
Won't you come and pay me a visit
Maybe we can talk all night
Just like we used to do
I would drive there if I could
Maybe one day write you a letter
Or just sing your favourite song
Tell me when will I see you again

Driving with nowhere to go
And no place to be
We just like the way it feels

Moving so fast
We know it won't last
Tell me your secrets
Tell me which memories you wish to keep

'Cause we are fading just like the evening sun
New ones replace us with each coming dawn
And I'm desperate to hold on so

If you're in my neck of the woods
Won't you come and pay me a visit
Maybe we can talk all night
Just like we used to do
I would drive there if I could
Maybe one day write you a letter
Or just sing your favourite song
Tell me when will I see you again

Close your eyes
Close your mind

Friday, 26 October 2012


So, I have some news!

I am releasing the first single off my upcoming album in ONE WEEK!

The song - NECK OF THE WOODS - will be available as an online download on NOVEMBER 5, in just over a weeks time!

The song was produced by Liam Gaughan, who also plays bass on the track, along with Carl Griffin on drums, Katie Hall on Cello, Luke Waterfield on violin, Alex Campbell on electric guitar, and myself on acoustic guitar and vocals.

If all goes to plan, the album will be available in December! Working with Jess from Rough Dog on the album cover, it's all going to look rather plush!

If you haven't already seen Rough Dog's live video of the song, check it out on vimeo.

And the official Neck of the Woods video, filmed and edited by David Wala, will be online this Sunday, October 28. I will post a link to it on here once it's up there, keep an eye out!

I would really appreciate it if you can share this news with your friends, as I would love to reach as many people as I can. The song is about missing people you love who, due to circumstance, are no longer in your life as much as you would like them to be, which is something I am sure everyone can relate to.

If you would like to review the single or/and video, or can recommend anywhere for me to send it to, please do get in touch :)

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

New Live Video!

If you're in my neck of the woods, won't you come and pay me a visit...?

Watch the live video for "Neck of the Woods" on vimeo by clicking HERE.

The lovely Jessica Bell from Rough Dog Photography and Film captured this impromptu performance in her living room a couple of weeks ago after our outdoor photo shoot (in the woods, funnily enough!) got rained off and we retreated inside to cosy up (some of us got more cosy than others - Alex fell asleep on Jess's sofa!).

Would really appreciate any feedback and comments on the video, on here, on vimeo, on facebook... wherever.

You should also check out Rough Dog's blog, Jess is always doing some really great work:

Some more exciting to come very soon.... hopefully within the week!

Hope you enjoy watching/listening. It goes down very well with a nice cuppa! x


Saturday, 30 June 2012

New band!


Last week was the debut gig of my new band, playing a set full of my own songs - first time ever for that so I am very excited! The gig was at Bar Loco in Newcastle, organized by Luke Bevan of NE Live.  Also playing were Laundry Basket, Joe Moody, Cortney Dixon, Georgina Sanderson, and  Aztec Bangles,  plus some crazy dancing from the crowd as the night went on, so all in all a great gig!

Photos were taken by the wonderful Jonathan Parker of Spurious Nonsense Art Photography - to check out the rest of the photos on Facebook, click here.

In the new band, from left to right on the photo:

Bass: Liam Gaughan
Drums: Carl Griffin
Violin: Luke Waterfield
Cello: Katie Hall
Guitar/Harmonica/Backing Vocals: Alex Campbell
Vocals/Keyboard/Guitar: Meghann Clancy

We will be playing again at Bar Loco's Loco Lounge Extravaganza 7 on Friday July 20th...

Also playing are "The Hollies" (probably not the first band that springs to mind - this will be a special performance joining the extremely talented brothers Tom and Jethro Hollingworth), and "Static Soul" who are fantastic! Look them up NOW!

Album Update

In other news, just about finished recording the album, which features all the musicians pictured above; now it's time for Liam to work his magic mixing the tracks, and hopefully we can unleash them all on the world very soon!


Lastly, I have just joined ReverbNation - feel free to add me, or 'become a fan' or whatever they call it:
Just twitter to join now until I become a complete social media geek?

Anyway, hope to see some friendly faces at the Bar Loco gig, and I also have a few solo slots and gigs with "Greg Genre and Box Box Box" coming up, check on my website's gigs page for more info:

That's about it, hope anyone reading this is enjoying life and listening to some TUNES!! If not, may I recommend this.......

Bit of an oldie, always put me in a good mood!

As does this classic... [this one's for you Jo, haha ;-)]

Bye for now,

Meghann x

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Upcoming Gigs

Hey, just wanted to write a quick post for a few gigs I've got coming up:

Thursday April 26th: Box Box Box play the Brandling Villain South Gosforth

Check our facebook page for any updates, and just posted some new photos taken by the lovely Nikki Brewster if you fancy a browse!

Thursday May 3rd: Solo set for The Polite Room launch night at the Gala Theatre in Durham (supporting Horizontal Sunday and The Lake Poets)
Tickets: £5
Box office: 0191 332 4041 or purchase through the Gala Theatre website.

Thursday May 10th: Solo set at Lola Jeans in Tynemouth

First time I've ever played this venue, looking forward to it!

That's it for now. If you can make it along to any of those it would be superb to see some friendly faces :)

Don't forget, I also host an Open Mic at the Trent House in Newcastle every Tuesday from 8pm - we had a brilliant time last week with lots of great players, and it's an ongoing open invite to anyone who fancies coming along to perform or just enjoy the music and a chat!

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

New Track: Rainy Home Song

Rainy Home Song is now live! 

You can listen on SoundCloud: 

I actually wrote the track a few years ago when I was living abroad for part of my degree, in Illinois USA. We'd been having a particularly rainy summer in the Yorkshire Dales before I went away (back in 2007), and so the change in weather was quite apparent to me - as far as I remember it was dry most of the time, with occasional storms, as opposed to regular drizzle! Despite having one of the most enjoyable years of my life so far, I still got home-sick, mostly missing family and friends, and I did actually think of home every time it rained! So I wrote a song about it.

I have adapted the song somewhat from its initial form, chopping out a few verses and changing the guitar style around (if you used to listen on MySpace back in the day you my have heard an older version, I know a few people have!). On this recording I play an acoustic guitar in an open D tuning, and sing lead vocals/harmonies. Cello is played by Katie Hall, viola by Luke Waterfield, and the recording was produced by Liam Gaughan. I owe them all a massive thank you!

The track will feature on the finished album, which is well on the way, with lots more recording planned over the next few weeks. Everything is still very much in progress and I'd really appreciate some feedback, so do let me know what you think and any suggestions you have. My email is or you can message/comment on SoundCloud, or on Facebook.

Coming very soon will be some footage from the gig last week, where Luke, Katie and I performed this track alongside 5 others, will let you know when it's online.

There's a few other tracks up on SoundCloud as well, they're all pretty laid-back so if you want to relax to some music give them a whirl! Hope you enjoy listening x

Monday, 26 March 2012



The debut E.P. of a band I play with - Box Box Box - have just released 3 recordings available online NOW!

The first 100 downloads are free, and are available exclusively at:

Or, if you come down to one of our gigs and ask nicely, we might give you a free CD :) 

Monday, 19 March 2012

Latest News...

I have recorded a cover version of the song 'The Rose', which was written by Amanda McBroom and made famous by Bette Midler, but has been covered by several artists. It's a beautiful song; it was first introduced to me by my singing teacher when I was a teenager, and I've loved it ever since. I decided to adapt the piano arrangement and add some subtle vocal harmonies towards the end, and you can listen to it here:

The recording process for my first album is still on the way, and we're hoping to get a lot done during April. So far one track, "Rainy Home Song" is pretty much complete, just doing a mix of it and I will be posting it online very soon, so keep a look out! I'm really excited about it and would love some feedback on it.

This week I have my first gig in a while performing my own material - and the first time ever that I will be accompanied by Luke and Katie on viola/violin and cello (respectively). They are both amazing and will also feature a lot on the album, including "Rainy Home Song". The gig is on Friday 23rd March from 8pm onwards, at Bar Loco in Newcastle (which is on Leazes Park Road just round the corner from St James's Park). Free entry! For those of you on facebook, more info here:!/events/234440663315391/

In other news, one of the bands I play in - 'Box Box Box' (fronted by Greg Genre) - have also been doing a spot of recording. This weekend we finished recording our first ever demo/EP, with 3 really fun tunes to get you into the mood for Spring!! Just a final mix to do and then it will be unleashed upon the world. In the meantime, if you've never heard our music you can get the general idea on our bandcamp page:
Or catch one of our gigs - we will be playing Bar Loco this Thursday 22nd, and Thursday 29th March.

All recordings have been done by the massively talented Liam Gaughan, who is based in Newcastle. I would highly recommend him, and since I'm posting so many links here is his website:

I think that's it for now, hope you enjoy "The Rose" and hope to see you soon.

Meghann :)