Sunday, 22 December 2013

As 2013 comes to an end...

... I have a few things to catch you up on! The last few months have been spent gigging, teaching, and more recently really concentrating on my songwriting.

Here are a few little snap shots from this autumn/winter....

Mini-tour with Gilded Thieves and Savannah Betts

Back in early September, I had the pleasure of supporting Gilded Thieves, a fantastic folk/country/blues group, on tour for the release of their E.P "Siren". These guys are fantastic, I urge you to check them out! It was such a pleasure playing with them, as well as the lovely Savannah Betts. Also got to play several venues that are new to me, including some real gems - The Guitar Bar in Nottingham (absolute legends!), LS6 Cafe (aka clock cafe) in Leeds, Gibson's in York, and Think Tank in Newcastle. 

Here are some shots from our travels (Savannah, I totally stole your photos....hope you don't mind!)

ROAD TRIP!! Me in the car with Savannah and Jonny (banjo player extraordinaire) 

Jesus from Gilded Thieves admiring the clocks at LS6 Cafe, Leeds.

Merch table (beer not for sale...)

Late night banter at the petrol station

Savannah and I joined Gilded Thieves on stage to sing "Down to the River to Pray" 
(photo by Jay Dawson).

I was lucky enough to play with both acts again, as well as Joey Campbell (frontman of a cracking band called Red Letters), earlier this month at the launch of Savannah's brand new E.P. "Old Toy". Got the CD on in my car this week and I can't recommend it enough!

For anyone who is interested, here are the links to both releases:

There's also a lovely live video from Savannah's launch gig, featuring footage of all the acts, and you can hear a guitar version of my song "Bite The Bullet", joined by Katie Hall on cello, followed by "Give Me Everything"complete with crowd banter and singalong goodness. 

Live footage from The Cluny, Newcastle, 3rd December 2013. Video by Jessica Bell.

Shoeshop Quartet

As you may have seen through Facebook, I have recently become part of an exciting new project, an a capella girl group, specialising in barbershop and close harmony singing. I've only done two gigs with these lovely ladies so far - one 1940s inspired set for the Remembrance Concert at the Seaburn Centre in Sunderland, and a more mixed set at the Mining Institute in Newcastle, opening for Peculiar Disco Moves at the launch of their latest single (mix some Lady Gaga in with the 40s/vintage stuff and you start to get an idea of our set!) Looking forward to lots more gigs with them in 2014, as well as some composing and arranging for 4-part harmony which will be a new challenge for me.

Our next gig is at the Star and Shadow in Newcastle on Saturday 11th January, as part "Tea Dance Night". Looks like the kind of unusual, quirky event that Star and Shadow do best, can't wait to try the special "tea cocktail". Two of my favourite drinks combined?? See here for details of the event.

We're also recording in the new year, so there will be sounds coming your way, but for now here is a pic from our recent photoshoot :)

Softwhere: "Night-Time"

A little while back, multi-genre duo Softwhere invited me to sing on their track "Night-Time" to go on their latest album A Few Weird Little Songs. It's always a pleasure working with these guys, having been involved in a couple of collaborations with them previously (on their song "Such a Light", and my song/video "So What Now").

Recently, "Night-Time" has had some airplay on BBC 6 Music, and BBC Newcastle (twice in a week - got to be a good sign)! Check out the music video for "Night-Time" - it's a gothic, visual spectacle! Hope you enjoy.

Christmas Time!

In the spirit of the festive season, here are a couple of Christmassy tracks for you!

The first was recorded for All Things New, "a collaborative project bringing together Newcastle artists to create an alternative Christmas album to celebrate, deconstruct and reinterpret Christmas music". It was a real pleasure being part of this fantastic recording, and the launch gig was also great fun! There's such a broad variety of interesting stuff on here, I urge you to check it out. For my track, I adapted a Christmas song from a classic Disney film... bit of an obscure reference, but see if you can guess which one?

My second Christmas track is something quite different. Since October I have been continuing working with the London Song Company (see previous blog about the course I did with them over the summer). We were set the task of writing a Christmas song from the perspective of someone completely different to our own. 
Listen to what I came up with, and some others from the group, on the LSC Soundcloud.

Upcoming Project

Ok, I'm just about done.... if you stuck with me, well done! The last thing I want to mention is what you can expect to see/hear from me next. I have written a song to be released early next year in aid of the Philippines Typhoon Haiyan appeal. It was recorded this week with Liam Gaughan (the man behind my debut album) and I am working with Jonny from Softwhere on the music video. I'm really pleased with the track, and excited to share it with you all. The song will be available through a charitable giving webpage (yet to be set up) instead of the more conventional distribution methods, to ensure all the money goes direct to charity. I will keep you updated with more news on that as it comes!

So for now, I wish you a very MERRY CHRISTMAS! And a happy new year :)

Bring on 2014! x x x

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

A couple of new videos

If you didn't see them yet, I have some new videos to share with you...

The first is a cover of "Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)" by Green Day, which I recorded with Jen Armstrong, who is not only a fantastic singer, songwriter and musician, but is also one of my best friends. We first learned this song and the young age of 15 (or thereabouts!) Hope you enjoy :)

Second is a live video with a couple of songs from my set at The Guitar Bar in Nottingham. Both are new original songs. "Only Wanna Be With You" is a tale of lost romance, and "Blah Blah Blah" is poking fun at people who talk too much and think the world revolves around them. So a bit of a contrast!! Let me know what you think :)

More updates to come soon!

Meghann x

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Semi-epic blog for a semi-epic road trip! Also featuring the LSC Summer Songwriting Weekend

Summer summer summertime! 

Wise words there Will Smith and Jazzy Jeff. So, I haven't written a blog in a little while, but I've quite a bit to catch you up on! You may or may not know that part of my job is as an instrumental/vocal tutor, mostly in schools, and since it is the school summer break I've been off on my holidays :)

It was a pretty busy last week of term, culminating with school concert featuring my singing, keyboard and guitar students, and they all did wonderfully! It's the best time of the school year getting to watch them show off everything we've been working on all year, and getting all the praise they deserve. Proud teacher!

After that, the semi-epic road trip began... First stop was Lincolnshire, for a good friend's wedding. It was an absolutely perfect day all round, congratulations Sarah and Matt! It was also a massive honour to be invited to sing a couple of songs - between the Father-of-the-Bride and Groom's speeches no less, which was pretty nerve-racking to say the least - but I fully enjoyed it and hope it was a memorable part of their special day :) Also lovely to be reunited with university friends! (If anyone is wondering, the songs I sang were at Sarah's request - "The Blower's Daughter" by Damien Rice, and "More Than Words" by Extreme. I don't know if there are any photos or videos, but will post them if I see any!)

Here is a photo of the beautiful bride and bridesmaids - looking good ladies!

After the wedding, I had a flying stop back to my Mum and Dad's in Yorkshire, then shot off in my little car down to Oxford. This is a sign I saw there that I found amusing  ------>

I picked up my fine Aussie friend Steph, had some delicious Nepalese food, began my obsession with Orange Is The New Black (crazy US prison drama), and then headed to Bath! Where I saw more amusing shop signs ------>
(Yes I know, I am so mature. But you love it).

We became ultimate dorky tourists for a couple of days, and enjoyed a torch-lit tour of the Roman Baths, and even the, ahem, sight-seeing bus... Then we drove down to the West Country, stopping off at the very mystical Stonehenge (see dorky photos below). Steph even bought some Mead!


We stayed in Plymouth for a few days to visit our good friend Amy (we all did a year abroad together in Illinois 5 years ago and don't get to see each other that often). On a boat trip across to Cremyll in Cornwall, we saw this clock of very wise words, which I also felt the need to document. In case you can't read the inscription it says "Dost thou love life? Then do not squander time" (Benjamin Franklin), and "Time and tide tarry for none" - I couldn't find the source for the latter quote, apparently it is an ancient phrase.


At Plymouth we parted ways, and I journeyed to Newton Abbot in Devon for my first ever songwriting weekend with the London Song Company. I wasn't sure what to expect, and after following a very windy country road, possibly into the wilderness, I emerged at the beautiful grounds of Hannahs (Dame Hannah Rogers Trust) at Seale-Hayne. It was a perfect setting for the weekend, and a very inspiring place to be. The weekend was made up of masterclasses, workshops, one-to-one sessions, writing time and performances.  Below is a list of all the facilitators/performers with links to their websites (how efficient!). I would recommend checking out their music, and also having a look at what LSC offer if you are a keen songwriter.

Reg Meuross (singer-songwriter aka 'Master Storyteller') 

Chris Paradox (in his own words: "one-legged, existentialist, stand-up beat-poet, Inspiration Engineer, Freedom Coach & Destiny Mentor", awesome guy!)

Juliet Russell (singer-songwriter, vocal coach for  BBC's The Voice) 

Henry Priestman (singer-songwriter and former member of the band The Christians)

Alva Leigh (singer-songwriter from the US, currently living in London)

John Clarke (guitarist, member of HeartWave Music)

Julian Marshall (musician, composer, co-founder of LSC)

Katie Whitehouse (singer, songwriter, member of HeartWave Music, founder/creative director of LSC)

Katie Marie (singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist)

Jess Vincent (singer-songwriter from Wiltshire)

It was an absolutely fantastic weekend, I met so many amazing people and learned a lot. It was great just to have a whole 3 days where the absolute focus was on songwriting and performing, with nothing else to get in the way. I was also lucky enough to be one of the three participants chosen to perform on the Saturday night gig "LSC Fest". I was the first musical act of the evening, and performed "Bite The Bullet".
Here's a couple of photos from the weekend (the live shot above higher up is of Henry, John, Jess and Reg, possibly performing "Don't You Love Me No More"(?) - great song, check it out!)

Me and Robin embracing the nice weather while writing our song "A Beginner's Mind", as part of Reg's workshop. You can watch a video about Reg's workshops here.

Me performing my interpretation of the weekend's song challenge, to write a protest song.  Mine was about self-involved people who talk too much. It's called  "Blah Blah Blah". Yep, we all know someone like that (if you don't, it's probably you....)! I will post up a recording of the song soon. Expect something more light-hearted than my usual style haha! 

Final leg of the journey...

After saying goodbye to everyone at Seale-Hayne, I headed over to Buckinghamshire, listening to new CDs all the way. One of the great things about roadtripping, the opportunity to listen to lots of albums in full! After enjoying some quality time with my sister, brother-in-law and little nephew, it was back up to Yorkshire! Highlights included delicious BBQ with family, and getting to be a proper country-bumpkin and help my Dad out at his immense vegetable plot (seriously, he's got everything!)

On August 1st, I played a couple of sets at Threshfield Court Care home for their fundraising/celebratory event (the manager, Tony, had just completed 6 marathons in 6 days! Article here for more info on #ChallengeTony).

I really enjoyed the afternoon, and especially since my Nan and Grandpa were at one point residents at Threshfield Court, it was nice to be involved in celebrating the great work they do there. I even managed to pull off a requested encore of "My Heart Will Go On"! Here is a couple of shots of my gazebo/stage area:


And finally, I headed back to the Toon! For like, a day. Then I went to Leicester with Static Soul for their gig at The Shed - but I didn't have to drive this time!

So, that was a pretty long blog... well done if you made it to the end! To show my appreciation, here is a cute picture of two kittens climbing on my guitar. Enjoy! x x

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Brand new song, plus some live solo videos

Well hello there!

It's a lovely lazy Sunday, so I thought I would share a few new audio/visual delights with you!

Earlier this week I uploaded a new track I'm working on to SoundCloud. It's a work-in-progress, just finished re-writing the verses and bridge last week, now thinking about different arrangements. Let me know your thoughts!

"In Another World"

Also, I have a couple of live videos up on YouTube, now there is more than one lonely video up on my channel!

First is one of my favourite covers to perform, and a beautiful song:

"High and Dry" by Radiohead

And a live performance of my song Bite The Bullet, but on the guitar rather than the usual piano arrangement!

"Bite The Bullet" from Take Flight

And another song from the album, complete with some rather lovely audience participation (listen out for it!)

Give Me Everything

That last song has also given me my first ever YouTube cover, thanks Nik HB! You can watch his version below.

Well, I think that's plenty to be getting on with... feel free to leave a comment and share with your friends! Don't forget you can subscribe to my channels on YouTube and SoundCloud if you haven't already. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday :)

Sunday, 14 April 2013

New live videos and gig updates, April 2013

Hello all! 

It's been a little while since my last posts back in February. Been pretty busy on the gig front and had some cracking times, including one with the legendary singer-songwriter and lovely chap Reg Meuross at The Cumberland Arms in February, the Polite Rooms this month with the fantastic Alex Butler (check him out, he's gonna be huge!) and Leadgate Cricket Club in March where I met some wonderful people, won a bottle of wine, lost at reverse bingo, carried on playing with a bleeding finger (rock and roll!) and sang an impromptu version of Country Roads after looking it up on my phone and probably getting most of the tune wrong. 

Aside from the gigs, I have also been writing lots of new material, and training up our new drummer Dan Dixon, who played his first gig with us at The Sage Gateshead last week - which brings me on to my first bit of news... 
(NB previous drummer Captain Carl has gone to sail the seas in France and we wish him all the best!)

Live Videos with Full Band

Got some lovely videos for you! When we played at the Sage, for Licensed Trade International's annual trade show, our set was filmed by an extremely talented filmaker/photographer/illustrator/all-round-star, Jessica Bell. 

Two songs are online so far, Love You All Over, and Touch Ground, which can be viewed on vimeo, or just below!

Love You All Over


Meghann Clancy / Love You All Over from JessicaBell on Vimeo.

Touch Ground


Meghann Clancy / Touch Ground from JessicaBell on Vimeo.

Also be sure to give Jessica's website a look, for some stunning photos and more information on her work. We are also making a music video together over the coming weeks for "Bite The Bullet", which is on the album. Listen to Bite The Bullet Here.

Upcoming Gigs

My next gig is a solo acoustic set at The Cluny 2, THIS FRIDAY NIGHT, April 19th! Headlining is RJ Thompson, and also supporting is newcomer Rach Alana. I still have some tickets left, get in touch if you'd like one :)

You can get more info here (facebook).

Sadly my gig at Old Cinema Laundrette in March did not go ahead, due to JP Cooper suffering from a throat infection (singers worst nightmare!), BUT, we have rearranged and I will be opening for the fantastic Sam Sallon there on May 18th. He has recently released his own version of one of my favourite songs, and a Paul Simon classic, Kathy's Song. Hope you can make it to the gig, it's a unique and intimate experience, only venue I know of that comes in the form of a laundrette! Here's a little preview of Sam...

Sam Sallon - Kathy's Song

And for all you Bob Dylan fans, I will be performing at a special night dedicated to the man himself, at Bar Loco in Newcastle on May 24th (his birthday)! It should be a great night, and there's loads of amazing musicians performing, including Therunningchelsea and George Sharpe, so keep your eyes and ears peeled for that one.

Bob Dylan - Tangled Up In Blue

On that note, I shall leave you with a bit of Bob - enjoy! And hope to see you at a gig soon! Meghann x

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Upcoming Gigs for Feb and March 2013

Got a few gigs in the north east coming up, would be lovely to see some friendly faces, and there's some great acts across the bills so come check them out!!

Click on each event for more information:

Friday 15th February @ Bar Loco, Newcastle
- with Holy Moly and the Crackers, and Gilded Thieves

Friday 22nd February @ Head of Steam, Newcastle

- with The Kontiki Suite and James Allan & Co.

Friday 1st March @ Cumberland Arms

- with Reg Meuross and Skylark Song

Saturday 16th March @ Leadgate Cricket Club

- solo headline set

Saturday 23rd March @ Old Cinema Laundrette, Durham

- with JP Cooper

Stream the full album online...


To listen, with the option of downloading your own copy of all 10 tracks for just £7, please visit:

Or, if you are a SPOTIFY user, Take Flight is also available to stream there, just search for Meghann Clancy.

Please share with your friends. On a side note, I am told it's a good album to listen to in the bath... why not try that one out? ;-)

Happy listening! x x x

Evolution Emerging

Show your support for Meghann and the band

By listening to 'Love You All Over', now on SoundCloud!!

You can also 'heart' it, or leave a comment :)

We have entered to play at Newcastle's Evolution Emerging Festival, and your input could really help us to get a slot! Aside from that, we would love to know what your feeling are on the album, which this track was taken from.

AND, you can also show your support by leaving a comment on the competition's facebook page:

Thanks :) x x x

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Reviews for Take Flight

I'd just like to start off by saying a massive thank you for all the support that people have shown for the album, it really does mean a lot to me :-D

So far we've had quite a few reviews for Take Flight, and the purpose of this blog is to put all the reviews so far in one place for anyone who would like to read them more easily! Big thanks to all the reviewers, please check out the links to their websites (embedded in logos - fancy), there's some great new music out there so go and see what you can find! (If you come across anything you really love report back here.)

So, here we go....

Meghann Clancy
Take Flight (self release)
Clancy is a North Yorkshire lass, now living in Newcastle, and her debut album is a winner, confirming this singer/songwriter as a real talent. There’s nothing earth-shattering about her acoustic songs, but there doesn’t need to be, as the quality of her melodies, the purity of her voice, and the sentiments she expresses, are quite wonderful. These are songs about love, about loss, about yearning, about living life and helped by the fact that she’s managed to snare some great musicians to add some beautiful instrumentation to them. Truly lovely stuff. DP

Rating: 4/5

Grassington girl Meghann Clancy may have relocated to Newcastle upon Tyne, where she not only co-hosts an open mic night at Loco every Thursday and plays as part of Greg Genre and Box Box Box Box, but also finds time to showcase her lush vocals on her self-penned compositions.

While still largely unknown on the national circuit, Clancy has bitten the bullet and unveiled her debut album, the aptly titled 'Take Flight'. For Clancy is set to use 2013 as a launchpad to see her career as a soloist soar outside of her local terrain.

Clancy is everything you could ever wish for in a female vocalist. With echoes of Andrea Corr, Tori Amos, Patsy Matheson and Sinead O'Connor, she's a memorable vocalist able to channel emotion and provoke both smiles and tears. Sonically, Clancy is more akin to contemporary storyteller Lotte Mullan, for her own musings are whimsically engaging. From the determined 'When You Look At Me' through to the longing 'Bite The Bullet', 'Take Home' offers many magical musical moments.

While the playful opener 'Love You All Over' epitomises Clancy's ability to channel emotion and balance it with a radio-friendly, sing-along delivery, there are moments when 'Take Flight' highlights Clancy's need for stronger production. 'Heart & Mind' could easily become the album's most memorable, most touching and poignant moment, but in a quest to emulate Emeli Sande, Clancy seems to lose the spark that defines 'Take Flight'. Equally 'Ghost' should be chillblain inducing, but the overlayed vocals detract from the beauty instead of building on the drama.

Ending with the tender grace of 'Can't Do Right For Doing Wrong', Clancy may close her debut journey with her most understated number, but it is the one that offers the greatest impact. While there are echoes once again of Emeli Sande - with a sprinkling of Delta Goodrem and Birdy for good measure - Clancy never loses her sense of self to the artist that has inspired her sound. 'Can't Do Right For Doing Wrong' is simple, honest and moving.

'Take Flight' might not tick every box necessary for a perfect score, but that makes it no less worthy a listen. Clancy is a striking singer/songwriter, whose open approach to lyrics often leaves a listener breathless. 

Yorkshire Times Top 10 for 2013

7. Meghann Clancy

North Yorkshire lass Meghann Clancy may have relocated to Newcastle-upon-Tyne, but the songbird does her home country proud on her brand-new debut album 'Take Flight'. Andrea Corr meets Tori Amos, Clancy's musical musings are touching, tantalising and uplifting. 

So So Gay Magazine

The resurgence of the singer/songwriter over the past decade has no doubt contributed to the untimely chart demise of plastic pop and R&B, but it has also re-installed a sense of independence to the music industry. As many a troubadour tries their luck, only a few truly shine among the masses. Newcastle upon Tyne based, Grassington girl Meghann Clancy is a talent many tip to top the tree.
While Clancy is currrently a permanent fixture of the North East’s live circuit – where she not only co-hosts an open mic night at Loco every Thursday and plays as part of Greg Genre and Box Box Box Box – her recently released début album, Take Flight,hints that she may be on the brink of national domination.
Vocally reminiscent of Andrea Corr, whose touchingly rich vocal soundtracked the late nineties and early naughties, Clancy is a strong reminder that music should not simply be about post production. Her lush vocals, stirring melodies and heartfelt honesty are moving and uplifting, but never lose a sense of her pop sensibilities.
With echoes of playful songstress Lotte Mullan, Take Flight opens with the sensational sing-along ‘Love You All Over’. Beautifully upbeat Clancy immediately marks herself out as a Lisbee Stainton for the Radio 1 listener.
While ‘Take Flight’ offers echoes of Emeli Sandé (‘Heart & Mind’) and Birdy (‘Can’t Do Right For Doing Wrong’), it is her Patsy Matheson driven ‘When You Look At Me’ that truly sets her apart from the multitude of female soloists who are currently riding high in the charts.
You can find out more about Meghann Clancy’s at her official website.
Take Flight is available from Amazon and iTunes

From The Curator:This isn’t typical singer-songwriter music. Oh sure, cute girl and guitar they’re present in equal fun measures. But infused in this album us strong pop sensibilities. You’ll find your head nodding and your toes tapping. Listen to track 4: When You Look At Me or Track 6: Give Me Everything. (Track 4 is my favourite on this album, one of the divine reasons the repeat button was created!) ~Sammy

Meghann Clancy is an acoustic singer-songwriter from the UK, originally from the wild countryside of the Yorkshire Dales and now living in the city of Newcastle upon Tyne.
Meghann released her debut album “Take Flight” last month. The album is made up of 10 original songs, composed by Meghann and performed alongside a group of very talented musicians, with instrumentation varying from simply voice and acoustic guitar, to a string section, and full band arrangements.
The music combines catchy melodies and a pure, haunting vocal, with songs drawn from stories of life experiences.
Meghann’s music has been played on BBC Radio 6 and BBC Newcastle, and the music video for ‘So What Now’ was selected for screening at the 2012 Portobello Film Festival.
Most recently, she has been selected as one of the ‘Top 10 Artists To Add To Your Playlist in 2013' by the Yorkshire Times.

Press Love
Andrea Corr meets Tori Amos, Clancy’s musical musings are touching, tantalising and uplifting.” (Jeremy Williams, Yorkshire Times)

The Music
Quick…while Mom’s not looking tie around your neck her best red towel, Superman style and prepare to Take Flight.

Fans of folk music, this artist may just be your musical cup of tea. Meghann Clancy is an acoustic singer-songwriter from North Yorkshire however, is now currently living and making music in Newcastle.
In December last year, she released her debut album ‘Take Flight’ after, releasing her debut single ‘Neck Of The Woods’ which was picked up by BBC Introducing, on BBC radio 6, with Tom Robinson.
‘Take Flight’ is a mixed bag, the album includes a range of upbeat tracks with a wistful sense of love, ‘Love You All Over’, as well as slightly more poignant, reflective, songs, ‘Can’t Do Right For Doing Wrong’. Each track is composed of heartfelt lyrics and, sweeping cords of the piano or the gentle strumming of an acoustic guitar. Both of  which accentuate Meghann’s soft northern vocals. Each songs composition compliments her signing rather than drawing your attention away from the story of her lyrics. Overall this is an hidden gem of a debut album, full of raw emotion and talent.

Meghann Clancy’s album begins with these lyrics from “Neck of The Woods,” which features Clancy’s angelic voice accompanied by an acoustic guitar and features Luke Waterfield playing viola and Katie Hall on cello. The lyrics are so meaningful and sounds like a love letter to a lost love or friend and reminiscing about the fun they had together. The music in the background is light, sounds natural and romantic and doesn’t take away from the vocals. Toward the end, Clancy sings “Close your eyes” and the background music gets louder. Listen to Clancy and close your eyes and you’ll hear all the instruments playing together like a symphony. The song is simply beautiful.

According to Clancy’s website, Take Flight, “hosts a collection of songs…which represent such rites of passage as growing up, leaving home, falling in love and making difficult decisions to move on with life.” Clancy started playing music as a solo acoustic singer-songwriter, but recently for her new album she’s been performing with a large group of musicians. On her website, fans can also see the inspiration behind each song and read her lyrics.
“Bite the Bullet” represents the time in life when you realize it’s not going to be easy and sometimes you have to take a chance. The entire song sounds airy with the background music, but Clancy enters singing the following lyrics like she means business.
Bite the bullet,Get your head out of the sandBite the bullet,And step out on to dry land
This song could be inspiration for fans who are stuck in a rut and want to get out. This song represent Clancy’s music, because every song has a strong message it’s not just beautiful music.
“Ghost” has an eerie sound to it and Clancy sings normally and high in the background. When she sings in the beginning of the song the music stops and her voice echoes. The lyrics and song sound like a person who is waiting for an answer, wants to have peace and resolve the issue at hand. The music features Liam Guaghan on bass and the strings fuel the melody.
Each an every song on Take Flight is inspirational and may help fans realize that you’ll get through it no matter what. The last song to mention is a song Clancy wrote about a young person feeling defeated by bullying, but comes through fighting and in the end being stronger because of it. “Spread out your wings and take flight, and I don’t want to touch ground.” It’s the lyric that inspires her entire album. So according to Clancy, fans spread out your wings, take flight, bite the bullet and listen to fantastic music like her’s along the way.
Wordkrapht Rating: 5 Stars

That's it for now, although I am told there are a couple more on the way - I'll keep you posted! Thanks for reading - if you made it to the end! M x x