Wednesday, 28 March 2012

New Track: Rainy Home Song

Rainy Home Song is now live! 

You can listen on SoundCloud: 

I actually wrote the track a few years ago when I was living abroad for part of my degree, in Illinois USA. We'd been having a particularly rainy summer in the Yorkshire Dales before I went away (back in 2007), and so the change in weather was quite apparent to me - as far as I remember it was dry most of the time, with occasional storms, as opposed to regular drizzle! Despite having one of the most enjoyable years of my life so far, I still got home-sick, mostly missing family and friends, and I did actually think of home every time it rained! So I wrote a song about it.

I have adapted the song somewhat from its initial form, chopping out a few verses and changing the guitar style around (if you used to listen on MySpace back in the day you my have heard an older version, I know a few people have!). On this recording I play an acoustic guitar in an open D tuning, and sing lead vocals/harmonies. Cello is played by Katie Hall, viola by Luke Waterfield, and the recording was produced by Liam Gaughan. I owe them all a massive thank you!

The track will feature on the finished album, which is well on the way, with lots more recording planned over the next few weeks. Everything is still very much in progress and I'd really appreciate some feedback, so do let me know what you think and any suggestions you have. My email is or you can message/comment on SoundCloud, or on Facebook.

Coming very soon will be some footage from the gig last week, where Luke, Katie and I performed this track alongside 5 others, will let you know when it's online.

There's a few other tracks up on SoundCloud as well, they're all pretty laid-back so if you want to relax to some music give them a whirl! Hope you enjoy listening x

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